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26 July 2016

YOUNG RACEBOARDERS OFF TO EUROPEANS! For a some time now there has been a gentle revival of interest in the Raceboard class amongst our younger sailors - at  the UKWA Weymouth event on 16/17 July in a fleet of 19 those over the age of 25 were outnumbered by those under 25 - 11 in total. The UKWA (with some help from LWA funds) has offered sponsorship packages of 200 each to two boys and two girls to compete in the European Championships at Brest this August. We are delighted to hear that three of our regular sailors, Rebecca Kent, Julian Tait and Galahad Wisbey (plus Molly Howell) are the worthy recipients. We wish them - and our older sailors -  the very best of luck in Brest!  

Young Windsurfer of the Year:

Lewis Barnes was chosen as the LWA Young Windsurfer for 2016 and received the trophy and cheque for 200 from LWA Chairman Colin Flint. It also means that Lewis will feature on our 2016 Event Poster. Although still technically a Youth and therefore restricted to a max sail size of 8.5, Lewis has for some time been sailing as an adult using a 9.5. and as such he took second place overall in the LWA Summer Series in 2015 behind Rob Kent, whom he managed to beat in our King George Event.

Old Raceboards for Young Sailors:
We recently advertised an IMCO raceboard free to a young sailor and we had several replies but had to disappoint all but one. If you know of any ex-sailors needing good homes for their beloved raceboards, please put them in touch with us, you never know, they might earn some brownie points with management and not feel too guilty about parting with their treasure.
Email: info@LWAwindsurfing.co.uk

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